We are a sports marketing and communications agency, enthusiasts about Brand Activation and Fan Engagement

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We developed and launched in 2020 a waterproof rugged tablet dedicated to sailors and boat owners

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You represent a company and want to associate your image with sports, raise your profile through sport or reward your employees? You run a club or federation and want to professionalize your approach to marketing and communications? We are there to help whenever you need us.


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Supported by a team of professionals and by handpicked partners and suppliers, we will help you develop your image, enhance your career or make your sports event a success, as well as providing all the necessary assurances.


JM Waroquier

Actively involved in the field of sport for 30 years and owner of a communications agency during 23 years, JM Waroquier has a wealth of experience in the management of professional sports organisations and events. He has in turn been a club manager and communications manager in the fields of semi-professional basketball and professional table tennis, an events’ organiser for public and private sector organisations and a communications and marketing consultant for professional sportsmen and clubs. His knowledge of the field, network of contacts and technical, commercial and organizational skills are invaluable in building an image, managing public relations and publicizing a club or an event.


Audit of your image or your marketing and communications tools, development of a marketing strategy, design of a communications plan, advice in partnership negotiations, etc.


Implementation of a marketing plan, development of campaigns and mechanisms to stimulate sales, traffic, etc. We are extremely enthusiast about Brand Activation and Fan Engagement.


Development and implementation of a communications plan, creation and preparation of communications tools: visual identity, print media, websites, image management on social networks…

public relations

Image management and promotion, organisation of press conferences, lobbying, e-reputation, crisis communications, sponsorship, awareness campaigns, negotiation of partnerships…


Organisation of prestige sports events: management of the event, partners and suppliers, running of communications campaigns, road-shows, competitors’ villages and open days, support campaigns…


Entertain your business associates at major national and international sports events, organisation of VIP receptions…


Design and creation of a sponsorship offer for your club or federation, preparation of a partnership dossier…


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